Monday, March 28, 2005

SCHISM-The evidence...

While we were all celebrating the Resurrection of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST at EASTER Sunday Mass "This Week", ABC's George Stephanopoulos interviewed Washington's Cardinal Theodore McCarrick from the left". What a revealing interview this turned out to be. I would never have found it had it not been for Mr. Brent Bozell's website and vigilant "Media Watchdog" group-The Media Research Center.

I think that the USCCB with Cardinal McCarrick leading the pack (pack of wolves -that is--"Silence of the Wolves"concerning Terri S. the "LAMB" )--displays for all the world the current state of affairs here in the Catholic Church in the United States. I humbly submit this as evidence that the United States Catholic Church is definitely in a state of confusion- or should we say SCHISM?
Mind you now--George I believe is Greek Orthodox Catholic. And he doesn't back down on any of his questions either. I would love to send off for the transcript but won't waste the money on something I already know. There's enough information in this interview to pretty much confirm AMCHURCH.

"Stephanopoulos: "On so many of these culture of life issues, the practices and opinions of American Catholics seem to be at odds with the teachings of the church: contraception, abortion. Does this create a crisis of authority for the church hierarchy?"

McCarrick: "Well, it certainly creates a crisis of good teaching and of strong teaching and of clear teaching and of compassionate teaching which is always important. But compassionate teaching cannot be teaching what is not true. So, as you go through your teaching of your people, you are to make sure that they understand why you are teaching this. And how this is related to the gospel, this is related to the teaching of the Lord. Once that is done, I think then -- then you can change the minds of your people."

Do you understand this babble? Sounds a little like humanism at it's finest.
And on the previous Presidential Election-2004...

Stephanopoulos: "We did find that out last year and during the election, which obviously was a very bitter election on a lot of sides, you warned that the Eucharist should not become a partisan battleground but isn't that exactly what happened?"

McCarrick countered: "No, I don't think so. I really think that the center held. I think that in some cases and some bishops made a decision on their, on how they saw the situation in their own diocese and their need to teach the people that way. Some made the decision to do that. But I think generally the bishops of the United States decided that this was not something which they wanted to do, and I think the Holy See basically was with us on that decision, those of us who made the decision that it was -- that we were not in favor of a confrontation at the altar rail."

So NOW the U.S. is leading the Holy See? Hmm! Do we see this yet? Whose page are we on? So now we get to see that the USCCB is in charge of the AMChurch? Oh, I get it. That's right my own pastor said that he was getting us ready for the "new church". I guess that he meant we and Rome are gonna have to get on board one way or another because they have already set things in motion and we'll just have to fall in line and follow behind THEM.

The nerve- "the Holy See basically was with us on that decision"...the arrogance.


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