Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Again, Where's the Outcry?

"Popetown"-Popetown, C4, 9.30pm, Wednesday.

"C4 manager Andrew Szusterman, who bought the show before the BBC reversed its decision to screen it, says there’s nothing sacrilegious about Popetown - if there were, he wouldn’t have bought it. "It’s just satire. It’s about laughing at ourselves and the different religions that we are around the world and not treating it so seriously. Perhaps we’re just living in very PC times."
"Or perhaps not. Since C4 signed on the dotted line, Popetown has been picked up by networks in Europe and Australia and Ox is confident it will be sold to networks in the US."

Let's keep an eye out for this one folks! Maybe someone can alert Catholic League's-Bill Donohue.
We can make a difference if we can find out about it first before it even makes it here in the U.S.

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