Monday, August 21, 2006

Bush APPROVES Morning After Pill

Disgusted. No words can convey my anger, disappointment, and my shame.

From Life Site News:
"At a White House press conference this morning, the President was asked by Bill Sammon a reporter from the Washington Examiner about Plan B and his new FDA commissioner who supports its over the counter status. "Mr. President, some pro-life groups are worried that your choice of FDA Commissioner will approve over the counter sales of Plan B, a pill that, they say, essentially can cause early-term abortions," said the reporter. "Do you stand by this choice, and how do you feel about Plan B in general?"
The President replied, "I believe that Plan B ought to be -- ought to require a prescription for minors, is what I believe. And I support Andy's decision."'

"Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president of Human Life International commented, "President Bush's implied support for the abortion-causing drug Plan B is completely inconsistent with his recent veto of the embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) funding bill. What the president apparently fails to realize is that Plan B kills the same innocent unborn children that the ESCR process does."'

Unfortunately, for some reason, I keep hearing in my head, that stupid song "The Morning After"--from the Poseidon Adventure. (and I mean NO PUN either!)

This is now serious on the eve of August 22, 2006-possible threats-Concern for Tomorrow--you know it's not good if Drudge is reporting this-Is Tomorrow Doomsday?


Tomorrow maybe an important day but guess what?! Tomorrow is also the feast of the "Queenship of Our Blessed Mother"! Go Momma!

"2. Following upon the frightful calamities which before Our very eyes have reduced flourishing cities, towns, and villages to ruins, We see to Our sorrow that many great moral evils are being spread abroad in what may be described as a violent flood. Occasionally We behold justice giving way; and, on the one hand and the other, the victory of the powers of corruption. The threat of this fearful crisis fills Us with a great anguish, and so with confidence We have recourse to Mary Our Queen, making known to her those sentiments of filial reverence which are not Ours alone, but which belong to all those who glory in the name of Christian."

O Queen of the Heavens, Queen of the Angels, O Mary, conceived without sin, O "Momma", pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

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