Friday, September 29, 2006

Wisconsin to Offer Free Stem Cell Licenses

Doyle hopes to attract jobs by giving permits to firms sponsoring research at Wisconsin institutions

Gov. Jim Doyle announced that Wisconsin would try to compete with richer, bigger states by using a tool that none of them have: embryonic stem cell patents. The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, or WARF, will offer free, non-exclusive licenses to conduct embryonic stem cell research to companies that are sponsoring such research at Wisconsin non-profit and academic institutions, said Elizabeth Donley, special counsel to the foundation and executive director of WiCellResearch Institute. The institute is a WARF subsidiary set up to conduct stem cell research and train scientists and others in the field.

Who will go? What companies? That's right...we kill embryos so others may have jobs?
The hope is that the incentives will help Wisconsin attract companies engaged in embryonic stem cell research, so the state can create jobs and stay competitive,
she said.

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