Monday, February 26, 2007

Stamps 41 Cents - Why?

Postal Regulators Want 2-Cent Stamp Hike

I can't understand why the rate keeps going up. Every time I go to my local P.O. either in the a.m. or p.m. (after lunch usually to beat the lunch crowds) there aren't enough workers in the building to work the 'windows'! I then have to shuffle my packages or mail and stand around for 15-20 mins. waiting for an available window/clerk. Now add to the time of waiting in line, the fact that there are now particular P.O.s that offer the applying/filing of passport applications. So, now they'll be burdened with this task and they still won't have filled the need to man all the windows/slots at the counter to assist postal customers. I have first hand of this experience.

So, be prepared (be patient-say a rosary, pray for the souls in purgatory, say the Divine Mercy Chaplet, meditate on a Bible verse,meditate on the face of Christ in your minds-eye) when going to purchase your (new) stamps, as there are others in line trying to do the right thing by following the rules...applying for their passports so they may travel. Oh more thing...make sure you have all your required docmentation, correct size of pics. (Rite-Aid, Kinkos, etc. take pics.), and $-check or credit card. You'll help the other customer in line too by being completely prepared!

Life. It's a pilgrimage!

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