Thursday, April 19, 2007

How can you not oppose this procedure?

'Partial-Birth' Abortion Ruling a Mistake: Physicians

Rosie on Catholic Justices: 'How About Separation of Church and State?'

ADL Disappointed With Supreme Court Ruling On Partial Birth Abortion Act

Do Partial Birth Abortion Save Women's Lives?

Papers Soft-Pedal, Bury Details of Partial-Birth; NYTimes Says Term is 'Provocative'

Doctors Weigh Next Move on Legality of Abortion

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  1. It's amazing what people can make themselves believe. No matter how much evidence to the contrary, they stick to the "It's ever so rare and only ever used when the mother would otherwise die giving birth to a child who would die during the birth process."

    Sheesh. I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell those people....