Friday, April 27, 2007

More on Archbishop Burke's Courageous Decision

Yesterday I heard Rush Limbaugh speak about Archbishop Burke too...awesome. (it's in his 'stack of stuff'-scroll down story #4)

The "helping kids" exclamation was because he was incredulous of the event - raising money for kids while proclaiming pro-abortion and stem cell research.

Helping kids! You have to admire this man's willingness to stand for principle, and I wanted to pass the story on to you as a means of noting his principle and courage in this -- Archbishop Raymond Burke.

Catholic League's Bill Donohue offers support and gratitude-ARCHBISHOP BURKE SHUNS SHERYL CROW

Once again, practicing Catholics who do not live in St. Louis are envious of the privileged position that Catholics in that wonderful city enjoy. Time and again, Archbishop Burke has proven to be one of the most prominent voices of moral clarity inside and outside the Catholic Church in the United States.


Why not offer a note of thanks, prayers, and support to Archbishop Burke

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