Wednesday, May 16, 2007

UK - 'Big Brother' in mother's womb

PM unveils early intervention measures -Mothers and their unborn babies are to be targeted for help as part of the latest drive to prevent social exclusion.

A £7.5m government trial of the US initiative - aimed at using early intervention tactics to prevent vulnerable youngsters from falling into difficulty and becoming involved in anti-social behaviour - was launched earlier this month.

The pilots are in place in 10 areas nationwide, including London's Tower Hamlets and Manchester.

Under the scheme, those considered most at risk receive weekly visits from health workers or nurses from when the mother is 16 to 28 weeks pregnant until the child is two.

They will offer mothers advice on diet, exercise, relationships and parenting skills.

Oh, so we can monitor them and offer advice? Is this plan for all mothers? And what measurement are they using to determine what mother/child is at risk?

This prevents social exclusion? Really?
And doesn't this 'initiative' scream that a child is not just a fetus at 16 weeks?!

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