Monday, June 11, 2007

'KILL THE BILL' - Immigration Bill

So, you think the Immigration Bill is DEAD!? Wrong again!


SEE >*** Kennedy: ‘We are not giving up’ ***

This is SCARY!!! Are you concerned yet? Does this look like it's dead? Again...something's fishy about this whole thing!

Here we go again- now we need to continue to make sure that IT COMPLETELY DIES!

Getting Through to Them: Immigration Bill

Keep the Immigration Protest Going

Salazar: Immigration bill may return in July (NOTE the Comments!)

Immigration deform: Keep 'em on the ropes

The future? City plan for ID cards hits a nerve

The purpose of the card, which is available to everyone, but pitched to senior citizens, students, children and immigrants, would allow access to city libraries and parks, while a debit component would facilitate purchases at some 50 stores and payment at parking meters.

Documents needed to verify identification are the same as those required by banks to open accounts, so it is viewed as a way to get immigrants to use banks to make them less vulnerable to thefts.

Tell Congress You Oppose Their Amnesty Bills!

CONTACT CONGRESS - another site here.

Helpful info on contacting your Congressman/woman

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