Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Microchips in humans: High-tech helpers or Big Brother surveillance?

My questions...exactly...why do we need this? We've got braclets, chains, even our MP3 players can carry this info. without having it injected INTO the body.

The capsules can migrate around the body or bury themselves deep in the arm. When that happens, a sensor X-ray and monitors are needed to locate the chip, and a plastic surgeon must cut away scar tissue that forms around the chip.

The relative permanence is a big reason why Marc Rotenberg, of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, is suspicious about the motives of the company, which charges $20 a year for customers to keep one its database a record of blood type, allergies, medications, driver's license data and living-will directives. For $80 a year, it will keep an individual's full medical history.

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