Friday, September 28, 2007

Common Ground Initiative - Cardinal Avery Dulles -“Common Ground, Solid Ground,”

Cardinal Avery Dulles speaks on the meaning of dialogue between Catholics

However Cardinal Dulles, widely considered one of America’s top theologians, said it was never Cardinal Bernardin’s intention to invite attacks on doctrine.

He said Cardinal Bernardin advocated for respectful listening, not doctrinal compromise. Additionally, Cardinal Bernardin believed polarizing disagreements frequently center on pastoral, not doctrinal issues.


During the lecture he referred to the pastoral instruction “Of the Means of Social Communication,” issued in 1972 by the Pontifical Commission for the Means of Social Communication.

“This instruction, while dodging the thorny question of dissent, advocated a responsible exchange of freely held and expressed opinion among the people of God, so that all may arrive at a loving consensus of truth under the guidance of the magisterium,” Cardinal Dulles said.

However, during the lecture, the cardinal criticized American Catholics who reject church teaching.

While they see the church as their home “… they do not really believe that the church can issue binding decisions about questions of truth and morality, and for this reason they contend that individual Catholics have a right to dissent, at least in their thoughts and private utterances,” he said.

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