Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The USCCB Responds to Hiring of Domestic Policy Dir.- K. Saile

Lutheran Services staffer named USCCB domestic social policy director

One Catholic media outlet reported after Saile's appointment was announced that she "was a 2006 dinner-party speaker" for WIN, "a group dedicated to empowering pro-choice women.

"The dinner in question, she told Catholic News Service Sept. 18, involved about seven women at a private home for a discussion of faith and politics."The issue of abortion was raised," Saile said, "and I challenged people that it was not mutually exclusive to be socially progressive on issues like health care, poverty and housing and to be pro-life."

The train continues down the track....woooowwooooo! = (

Private affair or not that's not the issue. Shall we revisit what the problem is? Let's read together...shall we..?!


So they were just sitting around like an Oprah event sharing their thoughts and ideas? Didn't they do that already by planning this event?

"WIN women meet for networking events, resume swaps, happy hours, and panel discussions—all geared towards mentoring and helping women along the road to success. WIN women also volunteer on political campaigns, at nonprofit organizations, and on various event committees through WIN."

Let's not forget what the purpose is of this group--to NETWORK with like minded women! I don't care what they "talked" about...just her affiliation is MAIN issue!

"They are a unique opportunity to contribute to, learn from, and network with accomplished and up-and-coming women who share your passions—all while helping each other along the road to success."

I want some PEACE & JUSTICE NOW!

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