Friday, October 05, 2007

Plan A: Keep “Plan B” Out of Catholic Hospitals

And this letter to the Connecticut Conference of Bishops (EMAIL:
from Catholic Media Coalition's, Pres.-Mary Ann Kreitzer:

Your Excellencies:

I am writing with a profound sense of sorrow at your recent decision to allow Catholic hospitals in Connecticut to administer the abortifacient Plan B to women who are the victims of rape. It is simply inaccurate to state that "administration of Plan B pills in this instance cannot be judged to be the commission of an abortion because of such doubt about how Plan B pills and similar drugs work." That statement is simply untrue. Not only does the manufacturer of the Plan B regimen admit that one of the drug's modes of action is to prevent implantation of a developing baby, but the FDA states it as well. The way Plan B and other abortifacient "contraceptives" work is well-known. As a natural family planning teacher and crisis pregnancy counselor, I've been explaining it to women for years. While one doesn't know the mode of action in a particular case, it is certain that many babies are killed when these drugs turn the womb into a hostile environment. To allow Plan B because how it works in a particular case is unknown is like saying one can shoot a gun in a dark room because it's possible no one is there.

Please, Your Excellencies, withdraw this flawed statement that will corrupt our Catholic health care facilities by making them accomplices in murdering children. If the government can coerce complicity in Plan B abortions, coercion of later term abortions cannot be far behind. We need you to stand up to a government that has long-since abandoned the Constitutional principle of freedom of religion. In addition, consider the corrupting influence on Catholic doctors, nurses, and pharmacists giving a drug proven to cause early abortions. Please don't let yourselves be known as the bishops who washed their hands like Pontius Pilate as they sent the innocent ones to death, executed, like Jesus, for the sins of others.

Please rescind your statement, instruct Catholic hospitals not to dispense this drug, and fight the government's coercion in the courts. It would be better to close every Catholic hospital in Connecticut than to cooperate with this evil decision.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mary Ann Kreitzer
President, Catholic Media Coalition

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