Wednesday, October 31, 2007

WIRED: Gallery: Our Readers' Coolest Geek-o'-Lanterns

Sacraments and Pumpkins

Pray with your children as you carve.

LORD open my mind so that I may learn about YOU. (Cut the top off.)

Cleanse my sins and forgive me. (Clean the inside.)

Open my eyes so that I may see YOUR LOVE. (Cut the eyes in the shape of hearts.)

Let me give YOU thanks for all things YOU'VE given me instead of turning my nose up at them. (Cut the nose in shape of a cross.)

Open my ears to hear YOUR WORD (Cut ears in shape of a bible.)

Open my mouth so that I may spread YOUR WORD. (Cut the mouth in the shape of fish.)

Let my smile shine with the LIGHT OF YOU.

Pass out prayer cards with your candy...pass along holiness this day of 'All Hallows Eve'---the day before All Saints Day.

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