Sunday, November 18, 2007

VeriChip News

VeriChip, Digital Angel To Disclose Additional Details On Implantable RFID Glucose-Sensing Microchip For Humans - Quick Facts [CHIP]

Touting their product in the 'big city' of N.Y.!

VeriChip Corporation and Digital Angel Corporation to Disclose Additional Details on Implantable RFID Glucose-Sensing Microchip for Humans on December 4th and 5th in New York

'On the road'
Digital Angel Corporation to Hold Virtual Investor Road Show for All Interested Investors

Mr. Edelstein said, “We believe the merger with Applied Digital will open the door for increased institutional investment in the combined company by removing the obstacles that have previously dissuaded these investors from buying Digital Angel stock. By no longer having a majority owner of Digital Angel, which caused an overhang on our stock, we believe investors will again focus on the value and growth potential of our businesses. This online road show is accessible to all interested investors.”

Digital Angel Receives Over $600,000 Order From USDA For National Animal ID System

Digital Angel Corporation Remotely Tracks the Ponies

In Europe
Other Animals

Cat Apparently Hitches From NJ to Ga.

Microchip leads to reunion with dog

Vanessa Williams, pet lover

Microchip Clinic

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