Tuesday, December 04, 2007

File this one under....head shaking in wonder...

Catholic Church’s Coloring and Comic Books Take Aim at Sexual Abuse

Using the poor angels in coloring books to teach children this?! When will it ever end?! GOD HELP US!

In one page of the coloring book — for students in the first through fifth grades — a smiling angel tells an altar boy who is putting on a vestment: “For safety’s sake, a child and an adult shouldn’t be alone in a closed room together. If a child and an adult happen to be alone, someone should know where they are and the door should be open or have a big window in it.”


In an interview today, Dr. Eli H. Newberger, a pediatrician at Harvard Medical School and a leading expert on child sexual abuse, warned in an interview that young children may misinterpret well-intended messages.

“With regard to kids, any such simple message as, ‘Don’t be alone with an adult in the room,’ is susceptible to multiple interpretations children are going to place on it given their age, their previous experience with caring adults and with the person and the medium from whom the message comes,” he said.

EXACTLY...And now we (adults) have placed the burden on children to react to these situations and make a correction!!!! They're not old enough to do this! It's our job NOT theirs! We're the adults!

Catholic coloring book warns US kids of pedophile priests

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