Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Pope Benedict XVI is here! HOPE!

Bill Maher Insults Pope

O'Reilly on the insults against the Pope

Why the Pope Is Here

He's here to bring CHRIST- HOPE TO ALL....Mr. Maher is in such a 'hopeless' state right now for he is tearing down everything that is good. He is such a very angry and sad man, really.

Our Holy Father comes to share HIS TRUTH -with all - including Mr. Maher.

And as Mary Ann Kreitzer, president of the Catholic Media Coalition, an umbrella group of Catholic organizations, shared her opinion of Mr. Maher's comments with Cybercast News Service - "a horrifying anti-Catholic diatribe. Poor Bill Maher. We'll pray for him."

Indeed we shall...we shall pray for all who turn a deaf ear and heart to GOD'S WILL and TO HIS WORD.


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