Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CTA - Job Opening...please apply! NOT!

Job Opening
Check out:


"The successful candidate for this position will demonstrate:

  • the ability to embrace CTA’s mission, agenda and programs.
  • the ability to support church reform and Catholic social justice organizations.
  • that she or he possesses knowledge of church reform history and CTA’s connection to Vatican II. (what connection? systematic destruction of the Church?)
  • that he or she has the experience, ability, and comfort in working with fundraising, media, publications, and website management.
  • that she or he can manage the operations of the organization and lead in establishing long range goals.
  • that he or she possesses a Bachelors degree, Masters preferred, in areas of study deemed related to the requirements of this position.
  • that she or he has significant work experience deemed to be transferable to the requirements of this position.
  • background in, experience with or formal training in anti-racism and non-violence action strategies."

Trying to recruit > "Young Adult Catholics"- Blog

And while I'm on the site...look at their next 2008 Conference - children hugging the earth that's cracking apart....oh well...


  1. I would not say that Call To Action is destroying the Church. I know many people who are finding a spiritual home because of the issues that Call To Action is addressing. As many theologians acknowledge, there is a lot of pluralism in the Church and CTA helps to represent some of that.

  2. The only problems I'm aware of in the church is the mess brought on by those 'theologians' who misinterpreted Vatican II, and the same ones who support Call to Action.

    If there is someone finding a 'spiritual home' because of issues that CTA is addressing, it is a flawed house (building on sand).

    IF our Roman Catholic church is so flawed, then why don't you people just leave and form something else?