Monday, May 12, 2008

Digital Angel, VeriChip, Name Change - VeriMed to Health Link - News

Digital Angel Announces First Quarter 2008 Financial Results

VeriChip launches direct-to-consumer campaign

VeriChip Markets Its Implantable RFID Tags and Services Direct to Consumers
Cost: $149, a consumer can have a passive 134 kHz RFID chip implanted in your arm.
"According to Scott Silverman, CEO and chairman of VeriChip, the company changed the name of its system from VeriMed to Health Link because the new moniker is expected to have a wider appeal for consumers."
Participating: 900 East Coast hospitals have set up the program-of the 900 only 200 have completed training. There are 600 people in the US with the implanted chip. "However, the company expects that number to rise as hospital employees gradually make it a standard practice to scan the arms of unresponsive patients being admitted to an emergency room in order to access their identity and medical records immediately." The company is running ads and hopes to have a 1000 "new participants"...I hope not...Silverman says..."If, three months from now, nobody gets the chip, we will have to look at our business model."

VeriChip launches consumer campaign for ID chips-"Getting retail participation is essential to success for VeriChip, and if this goes national expect a deal with a national pharmacy chain."VeriChip Corporation Launches HEALTH LINK SYSTEM in Florida Revolutionizing Future of Emergency Medicine

The 'push' (Name change from VeriMed) - Health Link

About Health Link

'John Doe' becomes a thing of the past
VeriChip could diminish basic human freedoms

How can you streamline accessibility to your medical records?

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