Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New shepherd takes the reins

Members of the Rainbow Sash [gay rights movement] are planning to make their annual visit to the Cathedral of St. Paul on Pentecost Sunday, May 11. How will you handle that this year?

The Cathedral staff is going to ­con­tinue to insist upon the policy that Arch­bishop Flynn put in before - that if somebody is wearing a rainbow sash, they won't be permitted to receive holy Communion. It's the same thing as if somebody came walking into the Cathe­dral with a placard saying, "I'm in favor of abortion." You wouldn't give Com­munion to that person either. It's a public act of defiance against church teaching, and therefore we don't give Com­munion to people who have broken communion with the faith.

Exciting new developments at Chancery

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