Monday, May 26, 2008

More on MN- SJA - "Heart of the Beast Theater" - HoBT

Some readers have asked whether this is truly a'll find here a Chronology of events leading up to the participation of HoBT puppets in the 'liturgy'.

"In fact, the program actually didn’t end with Palm Sunday. Jesus (the HoBT puppet) returned on Easter Sunday and lead the animals (also HoBT puppets) in procession around the church as we all sang "Lord of the Dance"."


"Rehearsal day has arrived. All the HoBT puppets are here for us to see and enjoy. It is a time for everyone to become familiar with them so that no small ones are afraid. We ran through our entire liturgy so that everyone is comfortable. The children are divided into three groups with a leader and they will follow one of the Disciples. It is a fun afternoon. We are ready and excited for Palm Sunday."

"Palm Sunday is finally here. We are so prepared to participate in the liturgy."


"Easter Sunday Mass: The rest of the Mass centered on Farmer Rick Klehr and his baby animals. We celebrated a New Life. It was a befitting end of our Lenten journey. What a glorious season."

Orate Fratres still has the post...but because this is so horrific and scandalous to the mind and soul many can not fathom the severity of this situation.


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  1. I'm cringing because I live in MN. This is just WRONG. I have already sent a letter to the Archdiocese, but this is one of the "churches" that is on the "gay-friendly" list.