Saturday, October 25, 2008

Berg Update

Lawsuit Against Obama Dismissed from Philadelphia Federal Court

Press Release: Berg v. Obama dismissed - Berg appealing to U. S. Supreme Court


  1. Handled right, the Fed District Court throwing out Berg for lack of standing can present a political check-mate “win” on appeal for the anti-Obama side (if not in law, in the Court of Public Opinion). Here’s how: SIMPLY SPREAD AROUND OBAMA’S APPELLATE BRIEF HAVING TO ARGUE AGAINST AN AMERICAN VOTER’S RIGHT TO RAISE THE QUESTION UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. Should be a PR disaster for the Dems and Obama!!!

  2. I thought so. The fact that Drudge has the news item posted is good too.
    It also creates a question in the mind of potential voters--
    Yeah, why won't Obama just turn over the birth certificate?

    Thank you Ted for your assistance! EVERYBODY GET OUT THE DOC. -post it all over the internet and email it. LETS ROLL!


    Get out your rosary and ask Our Lady of Guadalupe to intercede for all. Ask all the aborted babies' intercession too!
    Heaven HELP US!

    We do the prayer and action--HIS WILL - WILL BE DONE!