Thursday, October 02, 2008

Feast of the Guardian Angels

See Fr. Mark's Post: My Friend

On this day-feast of the Guardian Angels, let us ask that all our Guardian Angels assist this nation in hearing HIS TRUTH and...we ask that Sarah's Guardian Angel -be at her side, to light and guard, rule and guide her in all she says and does most especially this night and always and forever.

What comfort today to know that the debates will be on tv and that all the world will see Sarah and her faith. What is her faith? SHE PLACES ALL HER TRUST IN HIM!

How awesome this will be for all the world to see.

Let us also pray, that in this revelation, that all minds, ears, hearts will be open to HIS truth and that they accept, internalize, and utilize HIS truth to do the WILL of THE FATHER.

May HIS MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD POUR DOWN on Sarah Palin, her family, The McCains, and this country.

I want to thank my Guardian Angel, my husband's Guardian Angel, and my children's Guardian Angels! Thank you ALL for all that you have done and will continue to do for me and my family.

Thank YOU GOD for all our Guardian Angels!

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