Monday, November 10, 2008

More 'SCRUBBED' pages over at

Surprised? Nah. Our freedoms to cruise the internet are probably getting ready to be eliminated.

Bloggers have been reporting all weekend on the 'new initiatives' that Pres.-elect Obama has in store for the country.

'Change': The Future -notice how the pages have already been 'scrubbed'/contents removed....hmmmm....quite interesting. Dang. I didn't get screen shots....just thought they'd leave those pages up because of their egos. Oh well. They'll just scatter and continue to 'hide' or boast about their programs and we'll (bloggers) continue to monitor the situation.

Check out my post from last night- 'Service' and see Amercia Serves --the content has been changed as well!

GOD'S TRUTH will prevail!

A thank you to 'anonymous' for his/her 'veil tip'!

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