Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Revealing Information from 'Ministers'

First One -from Minister Louis Farrakhan:Farrakhan on President-Elect Barack Obama (he doesn't say born in Hawaii...hmmm)

RK: Minister, I’ll get back to the theme in a second, but we have a chat room that runs live as we go live on the air, and there is some great discussion going on in there right now. “[Mr.] Thomas” from Germany [asks]: “Can Obama function as a bridge between White and Black people, as well as the Muslim and Western world?”

HMLF: Absolutely. The very fact that Barack Obama has a White mother and an African father, and he grew up in Hawaii; and even though his African father left him at two years old, his mother married an Indonesian, and moved him to Indonesia where he spent four or five years growing up, again, in a Muslim country.

Although he is a Christian, he has great depth of understanding of the Muslim world. He has grown up in a multi-cultural and multi-racial setting, so who is better to build a bridge between Black and White? Between religious differences and different ethnicities?

We thank God for this young man, and I hope that the American people will realize that he is a mercy from God to the United States of America, to help America come up out of the condition that America’s leadership has placed the American people in.

Second one from Rev. Rick Warren: Pastor talks of faith, turmoil

In the same speech, Warren described the United States as a land of immigrants, telling his audience: “I think it’s historic that we have a first-generation immigrant who’s just been elected president.”

These people know the information.

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