Thursday, February 26, 2009

Under the I told ya' so...RFID

RFID Puts Us All at Risk

And what's happened in the last year? Researchers have been able to crack and clone a variety of RFID tags to gain access to buildings or get free rides on public transportation, and when the popular TV show "Mythbusters" planned an episode on the ease of cracking RFID-enabled credit cards, the credit card companies threw a phalanx of lawyers at the show before they could show how insecure these types of credit cards are.

In addition, just recently, security researcher Chris Paget drove through San Francisco with a small, $250 wireless device attached to his car and in 20 minutes was able to capture all data from two RFID-enabled passport cards.

So researchers have shown RFID-tagged credit cards and devices can be easily read and cloned from a distance, with small and easily hidden devices that are inexpensive and well within the skill sets of your average hacker.

SEE: Mythbusters RFID hacking episode canned by credit card company lawyers

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