Thursday, February 11, 2010

Constance Cumbey's site - FREE Book Download (pdf.file)


Constance, you are most welcome!  If you ever need anything...just post in the comment section.
Constance understands (due to information and current events: see here, here, & here) and feels that she should provide a free download of her book on the New Age : The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow.

Please pass along to family and friends per Constance's request, but do not mass reprint.

THIS SITUATION IS URGENT and I do not intend to let antichrist / false 'messiah' LIES deceive any more than I can personally, with the help of God, prevent. Accordingly, I am making THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW available for free reading. Tom Horn is planning on reprinting an updated version. My 1983 book, for which I am the sole copyright holder is still remarkably current. I AM MAKING IT AVAILABLE FOR FREE ONLINE READING AND DOWNLOADING IN PDF FORM. You may freely circulate the pdf version. You may not reprint it for mass publication, but you are free to make copies to give to your friends and associates. You may access it by going to the link for "Presentations for Downloading" to the right of this blogspot OR by clicking here. The file is called The Rainbow001.pdf.


  1. Constance,
    I was interested in discussion about Doug Coe in New Age Monitor Vol 3 No 1 1988 - but seems like your upload cut off beginning with discussion about Mark Hatfield. Can you provide complete material.

    Rob Fairman - Prayer Breakfast Network - Bakersfield, CA

  2. Just read your comment. I will look at the upload. I will be trying to get all of my back newsletters eventually up on line.

  3. Thank you Constance for all you do to build up HIS Kingdom!

    God bless you and yours!

  4. This is the new location for downloads of my books and other materials:

  5. New internet address for download of my book, thank you for your work!

  6. 5-4-2014 at 600PM. Read this book many years ago. Can't remember
    all of the content but it is clear that many of the people in either the New
    Age Movement or the New World Order are not nice folks ! They tell you
    just enough to lead you astray and get your money. A little knowledge is a
    very dangerous thing !