Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scandal at Notre Dame - Obama Commencement News Items - # 6

Slattery asks Notre Dame to withdraw Obama invitation

Religious head asks president to rethink abortion - SEE Letter - Full Text

Exclusive: President of US Bishops Conference: Notre Dame Obama Invite an "Extreme Embarassment"

Three More Bishops, Rush Limbaugh Join Chorus of Condemnation for ND Scandal

No confrontation necessary

Is Notre Dame Still Catholic?

The university's egregious error

The Obama-Notre Dame Controversy Is Just Hysteria of a Catholic Right-Wing Fringe

Notre Dame: zealots vs. zombies

Open Minds, Cool Heads Needed After ND Uproar

This guy is awesome: Cardinal DiNardo of Texas on why Obama should not be honoured by Notre Dame

What kind of witness?

Weigel and Kmiec lock horns over Notre Dame at the Chicago Tribune

Commentary: Catholic Church in America Has Bred Her Own Destroyers: Obama Exploiting it
Touchdown Obama

Father Jenkins of Notre Dame Will Never Say...

Saving Notre Dame: A call to (prayerful) arms

Around the Catholic Blogs

Saving Notre Dame: The Impact of Youth and Rockne

Amy Welborn - Talking Points

Terry Nelson -Politics and religion, and the Notre Dame invites President Obama fight.

What does honoring Obama with a law degree communicate about our view of law and morality?

Fr. Z. - Head of Holy Cross Fathers on controversy at Notre Dame

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