Thursday, September 24, 2009

VeriChip - Name Change - PositiveID Corp.

NOTE VeriChip NAME CHANGE! "PositiveID Corp." and their plan below....

These companies have control over all our records in the guise of securing them and giving us a 'feeling of security' (a false sense).....note:

Caragol stated, "We believe this merger provides value for both companies' stockholders and enables us to offer customers a broader array of value-added services. PositiveID puts people in control of their personal health records and financial security, bridging the gap between secure medical records and identity security. The formation of PositiveID will facilitate cross-marketing opportunities across our customer bases, enabling both organic growth and growth through acquisition of companies and services that provide complementary identification tools and technologies. By combining these two companies, including VeriChip's solid balance sheet and Steel Vault's growing revenue producing identity security business, and continuing the expansion of our product offerings, we believe we can continue to increase our customer retention and maximize stockholder value. On a pro forma basis, PositiveID has more than $4 million in cash and no debt."

Btw....I've been 'tracking' VeriChip for years!

->"PositiveID puts people in control of their personal health records and financial security..."<-


Come on people let's get that brain in gear! THINK!

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  1. Its the mark and it will be here so very soon. George soros among others are heavly invested. I pray for wisdom because the mark is going to be here so much sooner than any of us think. Thank you for your website we need to shout it from the roof tops that Jesus will be here soon and we must save as many people as possible. Things are begining to crumble and so many people are going to be frighted and we must be the light in darkness and the darker it gets the brighter we must shine