Monday, October 19, 2009

VeriChip NEWS

VeriChip Corporation and RECEPTORS LLC to Unveil Development Details of Virus Triage Detection System for the H1N1 Virus and In Vivo Glucose-Sensing RFID Microchip at Grand Hyatt in New York on October 22

"The virus triage detection system is intended to initially provide two levels of identification within minutes. Once developed, utilizing a simple test tube or strip device format that can be combined with an inexpensive reader, it is expected that the first level will prep the sample and identify the agent as a flu or non-flu virus, and the second level will sub-type (e.g. H1N1) classify the flu virus and alert the user to the presence of pandemic threat viruses. Additionally, VeriChip believes the influenza triage diagnostic system will be scalable and will be able to be rapidly adapted to identify new strains of influenza and other viruses as they evolve, giving the virus triage detection system value for future testing applications in healthcare."

What are Harry Reid and others doing behind closed doors?  And that healthcare bill?  Huh?  Looking good?  Notsomuch!

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