Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And THIS, after my last post!

Dan Schutte's Mass of Christ the Savior Chosen for OCP Missals and Hymnals
"For me it moves my soul to imagine that every time we celebrate Mass, it is Christ the Savior who stands there to pray with us, sing with us, proclaim the scripture with us, give thanks with us, and finally, share the meal of his own body and blood with us," says Schutte. "The title Mass of Christ the Savior seemed most appropriate.
"The same image affected the way I approached the actual writing of the music. I wanted the music to be accessible to the Body of Christ gathered for worship. I wanted the beauty of the music to lift their hearts. I wanted the melodies to quickly and easily become like an old friend. I wanted the wedding of text and music to help people through the process of getting used to this new translation."

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