Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going After Fr. Corapi

But, Fr. can handle it...he knows the tactics....and he knows how to take care of the situation and apparently so does Mr. Condit....

Secular Writer Takes on Fr. John Corapi

Please pray for Fr. Corapi.  He is scheduled for an appearance on EWTN Live- March 17th.

And last week this came out from him about his health (he's ok):


  1. Like many others I noticed the loss of weight of the eloquent padre, and I am relieved to learn directly from him that he is healthy. What good news! May his work continue to bless the iives of many, and may he continue to teach us how to more ably follow the path of Christ.

  2. Fr. Corapi, I am so happy to know you through many sources. My brother and mom are also great friends of yours. Wish there was a way I could meet you in person. God has really given you so much love to share with God's people. Thanks for everything you do. Love, Linda Haag from Fargo, North Dakota