Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Interesting and Informative Bank - William Spademan

"is a hands-on 100% democracy (every voice counts) suitable even for large diverse groups -- a blend of liquid democracy, Condorcet, instant runoff, approval voting, internet voting, town meeting style discussions and a spirit of consensus....."

[Consensus...really?!  Do you really believe this?  Someone is in charge and has already made the decisions and is 'pushing' it downward to the rest of the group, trying to get them to accept it. Duh. And I wonder who that Someone is?]

"It began with a spiritual imaging exercise and informal theoretical discussions on how our society — especially our economic system and governance — might be restructured to work better, to create a more peaceful, just, and environmentally sustainable world. Inspired by dozens of other economic systems and democratic systems, through many surveys, discussions, experiments and detours..... Hundreds of professionals and volunteers have contributed to the design."
Article by Founder William Spademan

"Organizers Manual"


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