Sunday, December 05, 2010

Climate Control News (Scam News)

Lawrence Solomon: The $7-billion carbon scam

The Party's over....I mean scam... ;  ) Again, I pray so.

Ted Turner comments

Demonstators in London - Socialist Worker Student Society and Socialist Worker at March - Communist - Marxist Party of GB

Trouble brewing in the talks? Corruption? - really?

Insurance - a role in Climate Change

A Global Change Fund?

An item from Human Events

Supporting a Climate Change fund -What?!

The world’s second-biggest cement maker - Holcim, Ltd. -Carbon-Dioxide permits stolen from their account - $19 mil. CO2 Allowances stolen

HFC-23 emissions
"Data presented to the European Parliament indicate that European consumers have already paid through the Clean Development Mechanism €1,5bn, mostly through their electricity bills, to destroy HFC-23 at 70 times the actual cost, thus creating huge windfall profits for a handful of companies ( in China, India, etc). This misuse of credits refers to approximately 60% of the total of CDM projects and Europe will pay €3,5bn more until 2012 for a destruction process that will actually cost only €40mn, unless further action is taken. Whereas the money spent already, properly used, could have ensured that the global HFC-23 emissions would be close to zero for at least the next decade, the concentration of this gas in the atmosphere, as the World Bank admits, has actually increased."

ClimateWise (I did not know this) A letter from the Chairman of ClimateWise -  Cancun

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