Thursday, June 21, 2012

Understand. Pray. Act. | Remain Free USA

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  1. It frustrates me to no end that Catholic groups are claiming their religious freedoms are being infringed by having to provide contraception, but they don't see the hypocricy of infringing on the religious freedome of the, by their own numbers, 1 in 6 people in America who don't necessarily believe what they believe. You don't be believe in something, fine, don't use it personally, but DO NOT push your beliefs on others by deciding for them.
    How many catholics use birth control? According to the studies, 98%. That's not some, or even most. That is essentially all.
    They have made the decision. And that's just the Catholics. If you want to condemn it, then cast the first stone, but if you want to prevent unwanted pregnacies and reduce the abortion rate, provide contraception. You talk about relgious freedom, stop trying to remove the freedom of others.