Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mount Saint Agnes Theological Center for Women-Investigated

Mount Saint Agnes Theological Center for Women (systemic change?) founder on NBC'S Meet the Press with Tim Russert-Sisters of Mercy (RSM)-Mary Aquin O'Neill -was the only female panelist this morning on the show. Transcript here.

"I'm grateful for an opportunity to return to the question of truth. Truth is another name for God and so it cannot be something that we possess. It's something that we hope to dwell within. The truth is always larger than we are, greater than we are. And it is not something that we can attain by ourselves. This is why we need the community."

I am quite familiar with this group of dissident women that just want to make sure "the church"/the "people" receive the sacraments-"she isn't of the theology of women priests", she just wants to make sure "we the church/people" have the sacraments, because without the sacraments there is no church.

"The people are hungry for the sacraments, and without the sacraments, we don't have the church. Now, one proposed solution is to ordain women, but my concern about it is that too much of the argument makes it seem that in order to prove our equality, we must be ordained. And that would mean that the ordained are somehow higher and better than the laity. That's a theology I do not accept."

Really?! What about this goddess Litany/worship you are apart of?

Does this look like they follow the teachings of the Church, but first and foremost does it look like they follow CHRIST?

This is truth?


"Litany" (ARCHIVED)
(Can't believe this? Look at the entire page--and yes- this is the truth and there's more-"burning crosses"- here, here, here, here, here, and these are other problems-here, here, here, here, here, and here. Here's a picture at their Holy Wk. 2002 where I just noticed tonight that the image portrays Jesus as a woman? I hope I'm wrong.)
Response: Be with us.
Mother God, Be with us.
Mary, Mother of Christ, Be
with us.
Life of all created things, Be with us.
Tara, Compassionate Mother, Be with us.
Kuan Yin, Mother of Compassion and Mercy, Be with us.
Kali, Fierce Protector, Be with us.
Oya, Patroness of Feminine Power, Be with us.
Artemis, Protector of Women and Children, Be with us.
Durga, Fortress, Queen of the Universe, Be with us.
Pele, Creator, Destroyer, Be with us.
Ishtar, Goddess of Death and Rebirth, Be with us.
Bridgit, Giver of Life’s Sacred Fire, Be with us.
Shakti, Female Energy and Power, Be with us.
Hestia, Guardian of Innermost Things, Be with us.
Isis, Giver of Wisdom and Fertility, Be with us.
Shekhina, Presence of the Feminine Divine, Be with us.
Ganga, Purifier and spirit of the Ganges, Be with us.
Pachamama, Earth and Mother, Be with us.
Gaia, Spirit of the Earth, Be with us.
Yemaya, Mother of all Creation, Be with us.

You maybe wondering how did a woman from this group get on tv this morning? Just follow their trails-Ms. Linda Lichter,Ph.D she's their connection to NBC-scroll down. And my connection to Birmingham is listed here too-above.

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