Monday, September 04, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI in Assisi

Pope Notes Conditions for Interreligious Prayer Meetings
A Testimony of Fraternity, Which Must Avoid Syncretism, He Says

However, so as not to betray the spirit of John Paul II's prayer convocation in Assisi for peace, it is necessary to recall the importance he gave to avoiding "syncretistic interpretations, founded on a relativist conception," contended Benedict XVI. According to these conceptions, in which there is no absolute truth, all religions are valid, so that no essential differences exist among one another.

The Bishop of Rome clarified that interreligious prayer meetings do not seek "a religious consensus among ourselves or negotiation of our convictions of faith." Rather, they manifest that "religions can be reconciled at the level of a common commitment in an earthly project that exceeds them all." Thus they are not "a concession to relativism in religious beliefs," contended Benedict XVI.

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