Sunday, October 08, 2006

600 Physicians & Veri-Chip

Chip Demo for Physicians-how "it" works.
Chip Demo for Patients--soothing music to accompany the images and information....
FAQ's-I love this question-"How does Verimed compare to other forms of medical identification?" The answers just aren't strong enough...

Now, there's a VeriMed Physician Network and apparently 600 physicians and 180 hospitals signed up to their network. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) met last week and Veri-Chip participated with their booth.

Kevin McLaughlin, CEO of VeriChip Corporation, stated, "VeriChip Corporation is extremely pleased by the number of physicians that visited the VeriMed exhibit at the AAFP annual meeting and learned about how the VeriMed system can help save the lives of patients by speaking for them in an emergency situation. We believe that many of the physicians who registered in the VeriMed Physician Network were influenced, in part, by the information we provided as to the growing number of emergency departments that now incorporate the VeriMed system as standard protocol." -Protocol Adopted Medical Facilities In Your Area

I don't know about you-but, what happened to just contacting your doctor and his office (00ps, I forgot after hours -they're not available; oh, their answering service; oh yeah, they won't have your chart in front of them) after speaking the friend or relative that's accompanying you?
Most people I know usually show up in the emergency room with their spouse,other relative, or friend. It's not enough that they can provide contact information? I know, I know, what about those that live by themselves? Don't they usually have others that look in on them? Oh, but won't we all have our drivers license that will be able to provide enough information too? Gosh, those medical emergency alert bracelets that people wear will become so obsolete! Sounds like someone is getting knocked off the market. No, we won't need to look for that emergency alert bracelet on the wrist---no-- we'll use a machine over her arm to find her medical problems from her chip. Right.
So according to the photo in the upper right hand space under "Just for Kids"--the alerts emergency care-givers --" Diabetes"-and a phone number. I wonder who belongs to that number? A national database or registry? Aren't they taken care of then? Why is there a redundancy of information storage here?

These are prettier then a chip. These are more expensive because they are 'real' jewelry.

"Veri-med strengthens the bond with your patients"

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