Friday, October 13, 2006

Benedict XVI- "Serve the Lord with Detachment from the World"

At the Holy Father's meeting with Zambia Episcopal Conference in their five-yearly "ad limina" visit he stated: SERVE THE LORD WITH DETACHMENT FROM THE WORLD

"I encourage you," the Holy Father continued, "to urge your people to dedicate themselves to prayer and holiness, discovering the treasure of a life built on faith in Christ. ... The light of holiness that shines forth in those who have discovered this treasure is enkindled at the moment of Baptism. In Baptism Christ liberates the believer from the dominion of sin, freeing him from an existence filled with fear and superstition and calling him to a new life."

Pope Benedict then called on the bishops to instruct the faithful "in the value and the practice of prayer, especially liturgical prayer, where in a sublime way the Church is united with Christ the High Priest in His eternal intercession for the salvation of the world. Moreover, the Catholic Church encourages the faithful to practise popular forms of piety. Therefore, always teach your people the value of the intercession of the saints, who are the great friends of Jesus, and particularly the special intercession of Mary, His Mother, who is always attentive to our

He then went on to consider the prelates' duty to guide the faithful "on the way that leads to sanctity ... with wise advice, unwavering resolve and paternal affection," and highlighted the importance of guidance "in your dealings with your brother priests, who at times can be led astray by the many temptations of contemporary society. As pastors and fathers to your co-workers in the vineyard, you must always communicate to them the joy of serving the Lord with a proper detachment from the things of this world."

"We believe that the Church is holy. When you urge your priests to live holy lives in accordance with their calling, when you preach generous love and fidelity in marriage and when you exhort everybody to practise the works of mercy, remind them of the Lord's own words: 'You are the light of the world.' ... Show Christ's compassion especially for the poor, for refugees, for the sick and for all who suffer.

"At the same time," he concluded, "in your teaching continue to proclaim the need for honesty, family affection, discipline and fidelity, all of which have a decisive impact on the health and stability of society."
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