Monday, October 23, 2006

More on TLC's "The Monastery"

I watched the premiere show last night and was quite surprised by its presentation of the faith. I think it will be an awesome tool for evangelizing. All questions presented by the participants were fair and were answered with great concern, gentleness and were complete.
My favorite moment: Brother Rodrigo's conversation about the Virgin Mother--the question-"was the Virgin-really a virgin?" (I paraphrase here) He so lovingly spoke of his mother-stating she was "his mother" and you don't speak or blaspheme her at all. You could see the love on his face and hear the tone of love in his voice. He got the point across to the men. You could hear a pin drop when he was speaking with them. And there were other moments. I recommend viewing this program and ask that prayers be offered for the success of the Holy Spirit. Prayers for all to be open to hearing and seeing this life-the Benedictine life. YEA GOD!

You can hear Gregorian chants here.
Meet the Monks.
Meet the Men.
Monastery Info.
They (TLC & the Monastery) continue to evangelize- Resource Info here.

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