Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reasons for Early Motherhood - Don't Delay!

Women risk passing infertility to children if they delay motherhood

Women who delay having children could be condemning their daughters to the heartbreak of infertility, warn researchers.

A new study suggests older mothers may bequeath a devastating legacy by passing on biological flaws that will make it more difficult for their own daughters to get pregnant.

Dramatic findings from a US study of almost 80 women undergoing fertility treatment shows those who failed to conceive had older mothers than those who succeeded.

I knew that there were more reasons to have children at an earlier age. I have often thought the earlier the better because sleep, energy, & stamina are hard to come by after 30+ yrs. of age.

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  1. Even with all the evidence, it is so hard to change the image of young mothers as inept.

    As a young mother, I daily face disdain for my choice to start a family so early. Everything points to younger mothers being healthier, but society tells us that starting before 30 is "too soon".

    It's a sad side effect of the birth control movement that I wish could change.