Monday, October 02, 2006

"Red Mass" 2006

Archbishop Stresses Ties Between Morality, Faith At Mass With Justices
Four U.S. Supreme Court justices attended Mass celebrated by Archbishop Wuerl asking for God's blessings and guidance as they begin today their work on the highest court in the U.S.

Yes, we need to pray hard for each of them. We ask that the Holy Spirit come upon all justices this day and that all the angels protect and guide them in fulfilling GOD'S PLAN for this blessed country. May their Guardian Angels this day--love, guide, and rule their hearts, mind, and soul-so that they remain faithful to GOD the giver of life.

A snipet of Archbishop Wuerl's homily:

"The assertion by some that the secular voice should alone speak to the ordering of society and its public policy, that it alone can speak to the needs of the human condition, is being increasingly challenged," Wuerl said.

"Looking around, I see many young men and women who, in such increasing numbers, are looking for spiritual values, a sense of rootedness and hope for the future," he said. "In spite of all the options and challenges from the secular world competing for the allegiance of human hearts, the quiet, soft and gentle voice of the spirit has not been stilled."

Religious faith, the archbishop said, has long played an important role in U.S. society, from the Mayflower Compact, which established law, to the Declaration of Independence. George Washington, he said, told Americans in his farewell address that "we cannot expect national prosperity without morality, and morality cannot be sustained without religious principles."

"What is religion's place in public life?" Wuerl asked. "Politics and faith are mingled because believers are also citizens. Both church and state are home to the very same people."

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