Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just don't sit there!

Do something. Something would be: prayer-reparation, fast, action-letters (letter writing etiquette), emails, phone calls! Stand up to this scandalous event. Alert others--for prayer -NOT to "drag down" Holy Mother Church! If we all alert the right authorities then we will have answered HIS call-- defend HIS BODY AND BLOOD and HIS church.

Anglicans in Rome- Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams attends a mass celebrating the feast of Christ the King and marking the Fortieth Anniversary of the Anglican Centre in Rome, at S.Sabina Basilica, Rome, Nov.26, 2006. Btw...these pictures are posted on Catholic Press Photo.


Looking at the pictures of the Pope's meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury and reading the info. provided with these pictures...I don't think we are in "complete communion" -"Serious obstacles impede closer ties between Roman Catholics and Anglicans, Pope Benedict XVI and Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said Thursday, reflecting strains over issues such as women and gays in the priesthood."
So after seeing the above pictures and looking at these pictures of another event-Evening Prayers and here...the questions continue.

"Veil tips" to "Curt Jester"-Jeff Miller and Shawn Tribe at The New Liturgical Movement

Palazzo delle Congregazioni
00193 Roma, Piazza Pio XII, 3
Palazzo delle Congregazioni
00193 Roma, Piazza Pio XII, 10
00193 Roma
Via dell'Erba, 1
Papal E-mail/Fax/Phone:
The Vatican Press Office is considered the "official" means of email contact for the Holy Father. The following email address does gain a response.
e-mail: av@pccs.va
phone: +390669881022
3339 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W
Washington, DC, USA
Telephone: (202)333-7121
Fax: (202)337-4036

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