Thursday, November 09, 2006

*UPDATE-Jerusalem Gay Pride Event

At least they won't be parading through the city...this still isn't good. Their intent is still obvious.

Closed event to replace gay parade in Jerusalem on Friday

Parade organizers announced that the parade was officially cancelled, and pending final logistical arrangements the gay pride event will no longer consist of a march through Jerusalem's streets, rather a closed event at the stadium at Hebrew University's Givat Ram campus.


Meanwhile, religious opponents of the parade were holding what they have called a "March of Beasts" on Thursday afternoon.

The protesters were leading cows and horses along the route plotted for the gay parade, Army Radio reported. The High Court of Justice denied four petitions asking to ban the so-called march of beasts.

More-Gay pride parade organizers propose closed Jerusalem venue

News Items this week- High Court to discuss parade petitions

Labor Minister Eli Yishai - "stood as a potential obstacle to the event"-stated:
"The opposition to the parade of abomination cuts across parties, nations and religions... Those marchers cause damage to the sanctity of Jerusalem, and they do it only out of spite. I have heard the argument that they will hold a smaller parade. There is no such thing as restricting the abomination and the affliction. This march will lead to world-wide social destruction."

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