Sunday, December 31, 2006

First National Pro-Life Organization - American Citizens Concerned for Life,Inc.

My husband posed a "trivia" question -"Who was Pres. Ford's VP?" I didn't remember that it was Nelson Rockefeller. So, while "hunting" the VP info I found this information. While in Gerald R. Ford's Presidential Library & Museum I found these documents on the AMERICAN CITIZENS CONCERNED FOR LIFE, Inc. (ACCL) 50 linear feet (ca. 100,000 pages) for the entire collection (I had no idea this is how they measure the amount of information-in stack/or stacks...whoa!...go and look at the other "stacks" of info here

I was rather young and unaware of what was taking place so this info. is pretty interesting, tho unfortunate that an organization such as this had to be formed in order to battle the culture of death.

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