Wednesday, March 21, 2007

HLI - Contraception the Love Killer

This is an article written by John Mallon. I so recommend this article and request that you pray before you read it. Please ask the intercession of Archangel Gabriel and the Holy Spirit to go ahead of all to open minds, hearts, and souls so that all will be receptive to the grace waiting to be bestowed upon all through this article and pray that all accept it, internalize it, and utilize it to do the FATHER'S Will in all things and at all times.

This touched me deeply:

Little girls do not grow up dreaming of hopping from bed to bed and contraception, they dream of a man who will sweep them off their feet, love them forever and having his many children. A cynicism born of the sexual revolution has brought emptiness to the hearts, wombs and lives of far too many modern women. This emptiness and pain can be avoided or redeemed and healed by the love of Christ and adherence to His teachings. The Catholic Church believes in such dreams because God wrote them on the human heart. And there are men who long for such a woman to love and cherish.

Real lovers want to give without reserve in God’s own superabundance creating more hearts and lives to love. Contraception is like kissing through a screen door and real love cannot tolerate obstacles. Contraception breeds selfishness and separation that drives a wedge between husband and wife that kills love. Real lovers want their love to explode into the posterity of future generations for all of eternity. This is the kind of passion and fulfillment God wants for His children. Contraception limits what should be boundless. It spits in the face of this glorious passion and love’s true abandon; and that is why it is a sin. It seeks to “tame” love, thus killing it. The Catholic Church is the last bastion on earth of true romance. The modern world has suffocated love and made sex a thing of deadness.

Also, men have been programmed and brainwashed with the notion that they can't/shouldn't have children or many children. They think their masculinity is on the line for they fear that they will not be able to provide for more children. They look at numbers and not at the blessings! There are a number of other reasons men contracept: 1. they believe that children are a hindrance to acquiring material goods 2. they don't believe that they have a role in pro-creation--that the woman does everything and 3. they don't want can fill in the rest of the list...the outcome is always--Leaving GOD out!

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