Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Ways Ministry - "Wicked"- Gregory Maguire

A 'veil tip' to a reader for sending this article...Gay, Catholic and parents of three from National Catholic Reporter Cafe-NCR.

Remember my previous posting on Friday? About Gregory Maguire and the Broadway Musical "Wicked"?

Well, it's confirmed by this article/interview that he is a 'cradle Catholic', living with his partner (a convert), and as Maguire states, "We are a Catholic family. We go to church on a regular basis, are respected in our parish, and are healthy contributors financially and morally."
Apparently, he is scheduled to attend and speak at the New Ways Symposium in MN this weekend, where he plans to "tell his story, leading a focused discussion on gay parenting in a sacramental church."

He states, "It means far less to them [his children] that they have two dads than two parents who are there when they go off to school and when they return."

It appears that there's so much dissent. Notice, I used the word 'appears'. There are many that continue to follow Holy Mother Church and CHRIST. Remember Fr. Euteneuer's letters this week? When we remain faithful HIM and HE continues to build HIS ARMY with HIS children. HE is the master of this battle plan. Our role in HIS plan is pick-up the casualities...and help HIM in keeping that number of casualities low.

Also, know that when I post this 'stuff'/info, I do so to alert you of the 'danger ahead'. But, that doesn't mean that you should let that 'danger' overwhelm you or prevent you from reacting. It's here to forewarn you so that you can be armed with the right weapons to face the battles ahead. Reception of the sacraments, prayer-(the Rosary-THE WEAPON OF CHOICE), fasting, and sacrifice are our weapons!

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