Tuesday, May 08, 2007

FINAL DAY Real ID comments - EMAIL NOW!

DHS Privacy Committee Declines to Endorse REAL ID

The Department of Homeland Security’s Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee is filing comments on the REAL ID regulations. Comments close today (Tuesday). Instructions for commenting can be found here, and apparently, due to difficulties with the automatic comment system and with receiving faxes, DHS has opened an email address for receiving comments: mailto:oscomments@dhs.gov?subject=DHS-2006-0030. Emails must have “DHS-2006-0030” in the subject: line.

Jim Harper will be testifying today before the Senate Judiciary Committee. SEE WEBCAST BLOCK (right side of press release info)

Homeland Security's Own Privacy Panel Declines to Endorse License Rules

While the committee's 12 final recommendations are mostly predictable (such as restricting what the ID can be used for and making sure that the machine-readable portion of any REAL ID should not be easily readable by unauthorized persons), the importance of Homeland Security's own advisory board explicitly saying it won't endorse Real ID as workable or appropriate shouldn't be underestimated.

Yes, this really does say alot! THANK GOD!

We will remain prayerful and vigilant in protecting ourselves and our privacy!

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