Thursday, May 10, 2007

Latvian Catholic leader calls homosexuality a sort of prostitution

Cardinal Cardinal Janis Pujats in Lativa needs our prayers and support!

‘We cannot keep silence. In a month’s time, there will be calls to tolerate homosexuality in the context of another attempt to organize a pride march on June 3’, Cardinal Pujats writes.

The cardinal has urged the Latvian government to stop what he calls ‘an action inspired from abroad, in which a handful of people with dubious morality tries to force the government to accept their perverted views’. ‘No international document on human rights views homosexuality as a sign of minority to be protected’, he stressed. Cardinal Pujats noted that if a gay parade was held in his country, it would be ‘a real attack on the national morality, religion and family values’, adding that people ‘will not watch it in silence’.

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