Friday, May 04, 2007

Reporting on the REAL ID Townhall Meeting 5-01-07

Public Comment Taken on Real ID Act

The National Town Hall meeting allowed some people to voice concerns and have their comments placed into the public record, which will hopefully be the beginning of a large dialogue.


Ginny Lewis, director of the Nevada DMV, pointed out that the public has no idea what is going on in regards to the Real ID -- "It's not on their radar yet," she said. But with a year left until the implementation, having only one town hall meeting in the nation -- with only eight day's notice -- angered many of those attending.

I think this is a done deal. As I listened to the meeting online, I heard a 'controlled tone' I've witnessed before at another meeting. It was a parish council meeting where an agenda was pre-planned and now the 'game'/'plan' was to get everybody to 'buy into a proposed plan'. But many at that parish council meeting after asking questions and not receiving answers, became quite angry and frustrated just as these people were at this 'only' townhall meeting. Hmmm...sounds like the 'Consensus' technique was used for this townhall meeting. Learn how to 'fight' Consensus or 'disrupt' the technique here.

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Any time you have ...
1. a diverse group
2. dialoging to consensus
3. over social issues (crises)
4. in a facilitated meeting (controlled environment)
5. to a predetermined outcome

you have what is known as a soviet

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